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Welcome to the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, a global association of successful independent consultants founded in 2004. If you're looking for excellence in consulting, review the credentials of the members listed here, follow their links, access their intellectual property. Be sure to note those who are Board Approved in various specialties, who have passed an even more rigorous process.

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Recent Member Contributed Articles

The Business Case for Positivity

As scientists study the brain and learn more about how we achieve optimal functioning, the term positivity has finally captured business leaders’ interests. What researchers are discovering about positive emotions at work is essential knowledge for anyone who wants to lead individuals and organizations to high performance.

Good Leaders Are Hard To Find


Emotional Intelligence Solutions for Toxic Leadership

Companies that replace one dysfunctional leader with another often run through a series of CEOs in an attempt to find the right savior. They’re effectively changing seats on the Titanic. Consultants and coaches may try to treat toxicity’s symptoms, but they’ll achieve lasting results only when they address its root causes.

Willingness & Ability: Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work, Part 1

In my experience, I’ve found most companies approach sales training the wrong way. This might sound surprising, but hear me out. When sellers consistently fail to meet growth targets, the automatic assumption tends to be, “It’s a skills-related issue.” The company believes that all its sales team needs to succeed is proper training by an outside consultant or someone within the organization.

Networking While Traveling: Part 2 - Prospects & Clients

Sellers nowadays are on the move. Those in B2B solution sales are hitting the road or hopping airplanes an average of one to two weeks each month for client meetings. Even inside sellers are stepping out more often to visit key contacts.
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