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Welcome to the Society for the Advancement of Consulting, a global association of successful independent consultants founded in 2004. If you're looking for excellence in consulting, review the credentials of the members listed here, follow their links, access their intellectual property. Be sure to note those who are Board Approved in various specialties, who have passed an even more rigorous process.

If you're interested in joining, you can find the application here. Membership includes monthly newsletters, monthly press releases, an annual meeting, local meetings, discounted professional services, discounted workshops, free monthly teleconferences, and much more. Take your time, look around the site, and feel free to contact me directly at

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Recent Member Contributed Articles

How to Manage Complexity: Shift Your focus to Simplicity

Theorists want to make universal statements that would be prescriptions for every business. But it would be more relevant to look at a company’s unique situation and then assess its position in the industry, its internal capabilities, and then the fit between them.


One Minute Mindfulness Breathing Meditation

Stress is a very powerful force that involves awareness, attention and energy. It can be managed and empower you. If you let stress control you, the resulting distress can be harmful to your body, mind, and spirit.

How to Measure Trust for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Leaders who fail to gain subordinates’ trust will always struggle to be influential and inspirational.

Creating Trust for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders – 4 Components of Trust

As a leader, you know how fragile trust can be. Four key components contribute to your overall trustworthiness.
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