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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #23: August, 2005

promote your consulting work when speaking

How to promote your consulting work when you're speaking at a conference or meeting:

  • Use phrases such as, "When I was working with Bank of America on succession planning, we found that...."
  • Use modifiers, such as, "I've been a coach and consultant for 15 years, and my experience is...."
  • In response to a question, say, "Let me take of my speaker's hat and put on my consulting hat...."
  • Have handouts that clearly identify you as a consultant.
  • Ensure that your introduction stipulates that you are a consultant, and tell your introducer to read it verbatim.
  • If it's an interactive session, offer to demonstrate a typical consulting approach for a volunteer in the audience.
  • Present or handout something like "How to find a great consultant" or "The Ten Rules for A Successful Consulting Engagement."
  • Direct people to your web site for more information, and ensure that it prominently positions you as a consultant.
  • In your conversations before and after your talk, specify that you are a consultant and that these kind of speeches or talks are a consequence of your consulting work.
  • Provide a high-content, pragmatic talk, not an empty "rah-rah" piece of puff. Remember that you're there to attract business, not to be liked, receive standing ovations, or high ratings on the "smile sheets."

You really ought to read "SHAM: How the self-help movement made America helpless."

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