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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #117: June, 2013

I thought I'd provide some ideas today on how to immediately broaden your horizons:
  • Consider yourself an "expert" not a "consultant." Experts can convey their expertise in a wide variety of ways (coaching, consulting, training, speaking, writing, facilitating, etc.) Don't be placed in a box by using a narrowing title.

  • Find people you admire, who are well respected, perhaps thought leaders, and try to hang out with them. Make yourself their peer-by-association. Talk about your discussions with them.

  • Market while you deliver. If you believe you have value to provide your client, then find other places you can apply it through additional proposals.

  • Stop giving free advice. It can be flattering, but you can't pay the mortgage with flattery, and it's terribly time-consuming.

  • Use your name whenever possible. Call the "Ten Referral Tips" something like "Joyce Randolph's Ten Referral Tips." Develop brand equity in your name.

  • Stop worrying about whether the buyer is pleased. Debrief often, and find out about whatever concerns exist. If the buyer hasn't expressed displeasure, then don't fret about it.

  • Never listen to unsolicited feedback. It's always for the sender, and you'll become a human pinball machine if you tolerate it.

  • Don't treat all business as good business or "must have" business. That's a poverty mentality. Accept business consistent with your value and objectives, and politely turn down the wrong kind, which will only distract you.

  • Money may be king, but discretionary time is the ace. Reduce your labor intensity by streamlining your own model and delegating work to the client.

  • Never volunteer to do more than you're agreed to do. You're a for-profit, not a charity.
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