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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #91: April, 2011

  • How many times are buyers in clients and prospects seeing or hearing your name each month? Vehicles: press releases, emails, phone calls, blog posts, newsletters, word-of-mouth, announcements, special mailings, web site, and so on.

  • You're never "bothering" people if you're providing them with value. Think less of promotion and more about help and support and results.

  • Are you practicing what you preach? I've seen a "presentation expert" stand in the shadows on stage, and a "communications expert" confuse "imply" and "infer." I've been on a "security expert" web site that didn't have a secure ordering platform. Are you an advertisement for your own value?

  • Are you investing time in your own development or simply biding your time? If you attend chapter meetings or special events or workshops, do you walk away every time with something you can use? Or do you merely attend as a social event or because you're the big fish in the puddle?

  • Learn to find things quickly. Use Google, an online dictionary application, currency converters, weather reports for key cities, and so forth with the information at your fingertips. Try to avoid interrupting a line of thought or a project's progress because something you need is missing and not easily found.

  • Never think of a "presentation." Think of a conversation. If you're wondering "How many slides can I use in this time frame?" you're in the wrong business.

  • If you want to break the ice easily and respond to early pleasantries comfortably, just read what that week's top ten are: films, TV shows, fiction and non-fiction books, music.

  • Spend two minutes online learning about a city you're heading for where you've never previously been (or you have been and never thought much about). You'll find a great many ways to enjoy your trip that much more, especially if it's an extended one.

  • Most clients can change most dates. Don't let a conflict send you into a panic, and don't default to cancelling family plans. At least ask.

  • We all make mistakes. Don't compound them by trying to save your ego or hide them. Here are the magic three words: "Sorry, my fault."
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