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Thaler Pekar

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Thaler Pekar & Partners
920 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 917-502-9010
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Thaler Pekar is the CEO of Thaler Pekar & Partners, and a leading voice in the field of organizational narrative and communication. She specializes in guiding professional communicators, marketers, and sales professionals in effectively working with story. Her Heart, Head & Hand™ framework for persuasive communication is helping smart leaders throughout the world engage audiences and achieve goals.

She helps build smart and narrative organizations, where brand identity is clear and appealing; audiences are quickly and sustainably engaged; people appreciate and strategically share stories; and knowledge is easily gathered and shared.

Thaler facilitated the opening plenary of the most recent Smithsonian Institution Conference on Organizational Storytelling. She is a Contributor to the Stanford Social Innovation Reviewand is a frequent guest lecturer at the Columbia University Graduate Program in Strategic Communications and the Newhouse Executive Education Programs. Thaler is an Inaugural Member of the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers and a Founding Member of the American College of Women's Health Physicians. She is also a Special Advisor to Exhale.

Thaler is a long-time resident of Hoboken, NJ, and a more recent resident of Unadilla, NY. She is locally active as a member of the New York Appleseed Advisory Board, and a member of the Selection Committee of the New York Times Nonprofit Excellence Awards. Thaler always crosses the street to walk on the sunny side. And she has a cat named Truthiness.

2058 N Mills Ave, #532 Claremont, CA 91711
Phone 909-630-3943
Fax 909-563-1803
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