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SAC Member Dr. Maynard Brusman, Expert on Personal Productivity

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Society for the Advancement of Consutling® has long studied the effects of personal organization and time use on productivity and performance. SAC CEO Alan Weiss, PhD, asked charter member Maynard Brusman, an expert in the area, to summarize some findings.

Dr. Maynard Brusman is a consulting psychologist and executive/career coach. He is the president of Working Resources, a boutique talent management consulting and leadership coaching firm in San Francisco, California.

He offers a few insights:

"Are you frantic, forgetful, fragmented and flummoxed? Does this describe you or someone you work with? If so, you’re not alone. Many smart leaders are being swept up by today’s frenetic, globalized, technology-driven lifestyle. We have plunged into a mad rush of activity, aided by high-speed Internet, cell phones, instant messaging, BlackBerries and email 24/7. We work longer hours, with escalating demands."

Dr. Brusman points out, "Everyone you meet these days is overworked and out of time. In our tech-enhanced world, we have more timesaving helpers and systems than ever before. So, why isn’t there enough time to juggle our work, home and health responsibilities? We have an enhanced quality of life, but we’re also adding to our stress levels by taking on more tasks than we have resources to handle. Most people are stressed—out of patience and out of time. Neither advanced educations, nor time-management models, nor the variety of available organizing tools have given us a sustainable means for managing 21st Century demands. It doesn’t matter which we use: Microsoft Outlook, a Day Timer, PDA or iPhone. They’re inadequate to handle the speed, complexity and changing priorities of today’s work environment. There’s a tremendous need for new methods, systems and, above all, habits to keep us on track."

Dr. Brusman further notes, "Your ability to be productive and successful at home and work is closely tied to your ability to relax and think clearly. Only when you’re well organized and your mind is clear can you unleash your true creative potential."

Dr. Weiss summarizes that, "We’ve found among our global clients that an excess of options actually decreases productivity and impairs decisiveness. Too many alternatives create the need for too much analysis, and the result is more and more of us are getting less and less done."

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