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Jim Brewer

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MasterThink, LTD
1208 Oak Creek Circle
Flower Mound, TX 75028
Phone: 972-539-1989
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“Solutions for Growing Companies”

As the founder and CEO of MasterThink®, Inc. in Flower Mound, Texas, Jim has spent the last 31 years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines of high growth companies.  Jim has seen and dealt with many types of businesses from different industries.  And he’s studied and solved numerous business questions, problems, challenges and opportunities of high growth companies.

Jim has a gifted ability to grasp the big picture to get an understanding of the client’s key objectives and the gaps that exist between the current condition and those desired results.  The focus becomes solving the problems causing the gaps that translates into bottom line income and value for the company.  Jim’s clients’ range from large private and public companies to budding entrepreneurs ­ virtually all have profited greatly from Jim’s expertise.

Jim shows his client how to take different success concepts from different industries and adopt them to their specific business.  This gives Jim’s clients a powerful advantage over their competition. 

Jim’s strategic focus of “Solving the Challenges of Growing Companies” helps clients' transition through each stage of growth and development.  From birthing the entrepreneur’s dream to growing the company to the point of “cashing out,” represents the growth related challenges on which Jim thrives.

Jim is a former Director of Holiday Inns, Inc. where he was responsible for Strategic Planning for the Hotel Group.  He has served on the boards of client companies and nonprofit organizations such as World Impact Ministries Dallas (an inner city ministry).  He is actively involved in the ministry of Denton Bible Church.

Jim lives with his wife Victoria and enjoys his grandchildren from his three children, David, Michelle, and Kate.

For more benefits and value for selecting MasterThink® to solve your business challenges go to or you may reach Jim via email at or by telephone at (972) 539-1989(972) 539-1989

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