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Emotionally intelligent and Mindful Leaders Are Self-Aware


In the modern workplace where teamwork, collaboration and focusing on “we” is highly valued, being present and self-aware is critical.

My executive coaching clients frequently tell me they want to help create a respectful and collaborative culture with greater engagement, innovation and better working relationships. We generate ideas on how to make that happen by connecting with people individually and engaging their basic humanity.

To be an effective leader, you must be present and self-aware for the following three reasons:

Self-aware leaders make better decisions.

  • Self-aware leaders are open to feedback and different perspectives. They understand and value the viewpoints and opinions’ of their staff members and customers, and respond positively when feedback is offered. Because self-aware leaders are more in tune with their staffs, they often have a more complete view of the situation, and therefore make better decisions.

Self-aware leaders delegate.

  • Leaders that are self-aware know that the message sent by delegating a task is “I trust you”. They take advantage of their team’s talents by encouraging each person to fully engage and own tasks, projects and roles.

Self-aware leaders build stronger relationships.

  • Self-aware leaders invest in relationships by understanding how their actions and attitudes affect the team. They treat others with respect. They engage with their teams and their customers by listening to their concerns. They build relationships as a leader worth following.

To be an authentic leader that your team deserves, think about your emotions and actions, and how they affect people. Focus on being mindful and fully present. Engage people discovering their intrinsic motivation, values and purpose aligned with the mission, vision and values of the company.

Dr. Maynard Brusman

Consulting Psychologist and Executive Coach|
Trusted Advisor to Executive Leadership Teams
Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Leadership Workplace Expert

Are you an executive leader who wants to be more effective at work and get better results?

Did you know that research has demonstrated, that the most effective leaders model high emotional intelligence, and that EQ can be learned? It takes self-awareness, empathy, and compassion to become a more emotionally intelligent leader. 

Over the past thirty-five years, I have coached hundreds of leaders to improve their leadership effectiveness.

After only 6 months, one executive coaching client reported greater productivity, and more stress resiliency helping her company improve revenues by 20%. While this may depend on many factors most of my clients report similar satisfaction in their EQ leadership competence leading to better business results.

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