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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #60: September, 2008

Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of the Society for Advancement of Consulting, LLC

These are signs and comments of non-buyers:

  • My boss will rubber stamp whatever I recommend.
  • I put it in the budget, and now we have to wait for approval.
  • The other partners have asked me to find the right help for us. 
  • I'm the one tasked to take it to the committee. 
  • We're sharing the budget, but I have the priority. 
  • Can you provide me with a discussion document? 
  • Can you send me materials for distribution? 
  • Please provide some references before we begin discussions. 
  • What is your fee structure? 
  • I've been tasked to lead this initiative. 
  • I should be able to get back to you once we've discussed this. 
  • Do you want your parking validated?

Your response should be consistent:

"As you can imagine, I have an ethical obligation to meet with the person actually deciding on the investment and who has fiduciary responsibility for the project. Nor is it fair to have you serve as my marketing person."

"Who is the key decision maker who can approve this, and would you prefer that I go alone or would you like to accompany me?"

Those simple phrases, which so many people are afraid to utter, will save you years of time in both gaining access to a buyer and in eliminating prospects who have no intention of doing business with you to your benefit.

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