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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #34: July, 2006

Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of the Society for Advancement of Consulting, LLC


  • Don't be trapped by the question, "What do you do?" Answer it by explaining how the client benefits. "What do you do?" "I help you use technology to double your business growth."
  • My experience receiving email from Treos, Palm Pilots, and Huckleberries isn't very good: scrambled symbols, curt responses, confusing spelling. If you're sending something to a client, you might want to wait until you're at your keyboard. There is no email that's immediately urgent. If you think it is, use the phone.
  • I recently watched two well known, high-repute speakers absolutely bomb, because they used old material, poor content, and treated the audience as if they were children. If you want to make a strong impression, whether formally speaking or in a meeting with prospects, present useful information in a conversational manner to fellow adults. Don't assume anyone is "damaged" or inferior. Easy as that.
  • I have a great deal on my computer, but one CD holds all my client files, writing, records, spread sheets, data bases, etc. I back up everything onto the CD every other day, not only to protect against computer failure, but to use with my lap top when I travel, so that all my records are always with me.
  • Take digital photos of some of the client work you're doing on site. These are useful for a buyer who doesn't get to the same locations, for company publications, press releases, web site, etc.
  • I met a woman at a board meeting the other day who walked three blocks so she didn't have to spend five dollars for the parking lot at the meeting site! For goodness sake, act like a business person. The Chinese have a proverb: "Saving money on candles makes no sense if the result is twins."
  • We've all waded through cubicle-dense office layouts, depressing and dull weights on the senses. What is your work space like? Is it time to change the d├ęcor, change the lights, or even change the location?
  • Taxis are inexpensive, but in most places, they are filthy, smelly, and the drivers don't know their way around (and are on their cell phones screaming). Invest in a limo. You don't want to enter the client smelling like the taxi or with gum on your shoe. If you're making more than one stop, you can also leave your "stuff" in the car, traveling light to the client.
  • Rule of thumb: Every other time you're in an airport, have your shoes shined.
  • Staple the business cards of all client personnel you meet to the inside of the client folder you've created, and make any notes on them you need to remember. I've found this invaluable when I meet a person briefly but who plays a key role….
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