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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #104: May, 2012

  • We seem to be afraid of the phone today. Pick up the phone and call important prospects, referrals, and (of course) buyers. And don't be shocked if they answer the phone!

  • We have bottomed out and started up. I believe the market will hit 14,000 within 12 months and businesses will be seriously investing in growth.

  • If you're going to record on a computer camera, or use Skype, think about your background, particularly if you are talking to a client.

  • Ask yourself if quite a few people in your professional associations are doing as well or better than you are. If not, it's time to leave and join something else more appropriate for your own growth.

  • If your contact says, "I fear I'll get resistance from above," even if it's the board, you're not talking to a true buyer.

  • If you're spending more time on average on social media platforms than on your own, unique marketing you're kidding yourself.

  • Don't be disappointed if your clients don't act on all of your recommendations. Some of my graduate professors were wrong, and some of my trusted advisors have offered unacceptable advice. As long as your paid you can stand to be ignored.

  • Just because the legal department wants to change your proposal or contract doesn't mean you have to accept it. Go back to your buyer and work it out. It's often a matter of a lawyer trying to prove he or she is doing something rather than a real corporate legal issue.

  • When clients give fluffy objectives that seem to originate in HR land (e.g., "We want greater front line connectivity") simply ask, "Why?" That will lead to the real objective ("We need people avoiding duplication with clients and solving problems on the spot").

  • If you are not securing four referrals minimum per month, and obtaining one meeting per month, and closing six new projects a year from them, you're missing a key growth factor and working way to hard to acquire business.
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