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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #79: April, 2010

I'm reprinting this from my blog because I think it is so important for every SAC member to consider. The latest Shameless Promotion Workshop (Bart Sayle, Victoria Labalme, Andrew Hollo, Alex Goldfayn) generated this list of thought leadership indicators with my instigation:

  • You are able to change others’ perspectives.?
  • People turn to you first as THE authority.?
  • You are constantly teaching others, formally and informally.?
  • You coin phrases, metaphors, concepts, and models which others quickly embrace.?
  • You are quoted and cited often in the media and by distinguished others in the profession.?
  • You make the complex simple and pragmatic (instantiation).?
  • You make the explicit implicit, and the implicit explicit. (Create general standards but also enable individuals to use them intuitively.)?
  • You are known by every knowledgeable person in your field or niche, whether they agree with you or not.?
  • You have proprietary materials, trademarks, and brands, the strongest of which is your name.?
  • You have an impressive array of clients, examples, applications, war stories, and a substantial track record of success.?
  • You regularly generate new intellectual capital which you turn into intellectual property.?
  • You are in the public eye.
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