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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #90: March, 2011

The next time you get on an airplane to visit a client:
  • Are there prospects in the general area whom you can let know that you're in town, and who therefore may agree to see you?
  • Have you checked for alternate fights in both directions in case of delays and cancellations?
  • Have you arranged for limos rather than taxis to ensure a prompt and comfortable ride from the airport and/or to the client?
  • Are there former clients in the vicinity who may agree to meet you?
  • If you're forced into a long layover, are there cultural events available to you?
  • Have you contacted the hotel's concierge to make all local arrangements and remove the details from you?
  • Have you determined what writing and reading to take for both business and pleasure?
  • Have you left or emailed your flights, itinerary, and contact information for family and key others?
  • Have you allowed yourself enough “cushion” on your return before your next call or obligation?
  • Have you reconfirmed with you appointment the day prior?
  • Have you recharged all batteries and taken chargers with you?
  • If international, do you have visa, adapters, correct currency, and local contact information?
  • Have you prepared expense details to record proper charges so that client can be billed for reimbursements in a timely manner?
  • Do you have the objectives and goals for your meeting clear and a plan to achieve them?
  • Do you have someone ready to handle any important calls, mail, email, and/or courier deliveries while you're away?
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