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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #101: February, 2012

  • What three needs are you best able to meet and provide value for? How good at you at listening for them and/or asking about them?

  • Have you changed your web site in the last 90 days, at least? Have you blogged in the past three days?

  • Are you ever going to write a book (or a next book)?

  • Are you transforming your intellectual property and methodology so that a) it can be delivered remotely, and b) it can be licensed to clients and/or third parties?

  • Are you attending one significant personal and/or professional development experience every 12 months?

  • Have you contacted every past client at least once during the prior six months?

  • Can you tell me how you help me within 20 seconds and name three key aspects of your results?

  • What new market or market segment will you enter in the coming year?

  • How many other countries might be appropriate to investigate for additional targets of opportunity?

  • How long since you've updated your references, testimonials, and other supportive collateral?
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