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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #77: February, 2010

  • I've sent out about 10 ideas per newsletter, and this is the 77th. If you've benefited by just one percent, you should have implemented about 8 suggestions; if ten percent, then nearly 80! I hope something has been of help.


  • Will you contact every past and present client and prospect during the first quarter of this year? Can you provide them with some value, ideas, and incentive to talk to you about new projects?


  • Have you chosen your vacation time—no matter how near or far, simple or elaborate—for 2010 yet, so that you can plan business around the dates?


  • What did you learn from you tax situation this past year that will help you with your investments, expenses, and financial strategy for this year?


  • Is it time to change—have you outgrown—any of your professional support: designers, accountants, attorneys, audio/visual, etc.?


  • Have you chosen at least two important professional development activities or experiences for the year? Are they on your calendar?


  • Is your web site and web presence modern, attractive, and representing you well? (Maximizing your ability to be found on the Internet is self-defeating if people aren't impressed by what they find!)


  • Is there an opportunity for pro bono work for a non-profit that will a) assist a good cause; b) allow you to hone your skills or build new ones; c) put you in front of high potential buyers and recommenders? What are you doing to create and exploit such an opportunity?


  • How much referral business did you get last year? Are you asking for it? What can you do to stimulate more of it?


  • Consider hosting an inexpensive event (e.g., a buffet breakfast) at a club or hotel where you invite some excellent prospects and "seed" the room with some good clients.


  • How can you make more of the power of your intellectual capital apparent? What forms should that take? Have you asked others how they do it?
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