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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #99: December, 2011

  1. Do you have a profile of what your highest potential prospective buyers look like?

  2. Do you know what they read?

  3. Do you know what events they attend?

  4. Do you know who influences them?

  5. Do you have products and services appealing to them which are easy to access and little or no cost?

  6. Do you regularly (at least weekly) ask for referrals from people who know them and interact with them?

  7. Do you produce intellectual property of high appeal to them

  8. Do you create brands which draw them to you?

  9. Do you create high-end, unique opportunities and experiences for them?

  10. Do you regularly review all of the above?

You can't afford to say "no" to any of those 10 questions if you want to build a thriving business.

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