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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #122: November, 2013

Why consultants tend to be unorganized:
  • They try to maintain a "business life" and "personal life" instead of simply "a life," and miss economies of scale and leverage opportunities.

  • They listen to too many sources of "expertise" and try to accumulate and follow far too vast an array of advice and information.

  • They use electronic calendars and diaries which are inadequate to view juxtaposition of appointments and tasks, and to easily access and keep in front of them.

  • They have too many priorities each day, therefore nothing is really a priority and everything receives equal attention, which is too little attention.

  • They allow themselves to be interrupted by others, phones, computers, and squirrels.

  • They make "to do" lists instead of scheduling a time and date in a physical calendar so that tasks are scheduled and not merely listed.

  • They fail to "chunk" projects, thereby thinking they have to "write a book" instead of "write five pages for one chapter."

  • They believe others deserve instant access when in fact they deserve rapid responsiveness, a vastly different benefit.

  • They think the customer must always be right and they respond to ridiculous and inappropriate requests from clients.

  • They are insecure, and create scope seep, constantly offering to do more in order to justify themselves.
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