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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #13: October, 2004

Back to "square zero"
  • Don't go back to "square one" to re-launch a project or initiative. That implies a directions already undertaken. Go back to "square zero" where you have completely fresh view and many paths open.
  • One reason to seek trademark protection for your intellectual property is to ensure that no one else is using the material and may have a prior claim upon it, which is much better to know sooner than later.
  • Put identification inside your luggage as well as outside in case the outside ID is ripped off.
  • If you think you're "selling" you're potentially creating an adversarial relationship. If you think you're providing value, you're potentially setting up a true partnership.
  • Many hotels have cuts staff, and a call to the operator may ring two dozen times or more before it's picked up. If you have an emergency, you're better off dialing 911 for immediate help.
  • Write a letter to confirm details of a phone or personal conversation. This enables you to ensure mutual understanding, is another justification for keeping in touch, and protects you should the other party be replaced abruptly.
  • There are now discount limos in many major cities with no minimum time required and fares as low as $15 to $20.
  • When a client asks for something without inquiring about fee, agree to do it and then IMMEDIATELY send a confirming note with the fee. Don't wait until the event or the project. And don't perform work without having a fee in front of your buyer.
  • Shop a prospect's business. Call their service center, attempt to order a product on the Internet, visit a store, talk to employees. Do whatever you can to have a knowledgeable discussion with your buyer.
  • In government work these days, purchasing people are told to select the BEST VALUE, not the cheapest price. Don't try to bid low, try to provide huge value.© Alan Weiss 2004 All rights reserved.
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