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Monthly tips to improve the business and practice of members of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting, LLC - Issue #100: January, 2012

Here we are at the 100th issue and, appropriately, beginning a new calendar year. We also had a 100% renewal rate in November (December isn’t finalized, yet).

Some information for you all to consider:

  • Check my blog ( where you’ll see I am happy to host guest columns. If you have something of value for my readership, I’m happy to consider a submission. No guarantees, but I’ve published most of what I’ve received.

  • The Summit Global Network is open to firms which find international connections and the “heft” that implies an important operating advantage. We’ve just closed the first joint project involving people in Australia, China, and the US, but it’s not even intended solely for collaboration so much as adding value to your local presence. You can find it here: Let me know if you’d like to discuss participation. Enrollment information is here:

  • Board Approvals are also a device to add to your marketing power. You can find them described with criteria here:

    Board Approvals

Board Approvals will be created as SAC deems them appropriate, including upon request from members. We will publicize these and include them on our web site. No additional designations will appear other than "Board Approved in…" in our literature and in the member's literature as they may so choose. Board Approval requires the following:

    1. One year of membership in SAC.
    2. Five additional testimonials on letterhead expressly commenting on competence in the specialty.
    3. Evidence of having practiced the specialty for at least one year. (Note: A graduate degree in the specialty can take the place of provisions #2 and #3.)
    4. An executed, notarized statement that the applicant has provided honest information.
    5. Submission of a check, credit card, or money order for the one-time Board Approval fee of $100. A certificate will be provided indicating the Board Approval, specialty, and year of attaining it.

  • My plan is to have our annual, free meeting in the fall again, since that worked out so well. Also, the free teleconferences begin again in March, and you’ll receive a performance aid in advance this year for each of them.
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