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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Social media have totally invaded our environment. It is virtually impossible to go through a day without encountering these new techniques and technologies in one way or another—whether it’s blog posts, Facebook groups, Twitter postings, YouTube videos or more.

Many individuals and businesses are using these tools to innovate, promote themselves, or to stay close to their customers. For some, the move to integrate these techniques is sensible and straightforward and they jump right in. But many others are cautious or concerned about whether it makes sense to engage in social media, and, if so, where they should start.  Still others ask if their business would suffer if they fail to engage in these new approaches.

In other words, is it ok to be anti-social?

The answer: It depends. Of foremost importance is understanding who your customers are, where they go to find information, and how you can best reach them.  If your customers are already using Facebook or Twitter, then it make sense to be there to engage with them. However, if they aren’t there now, then your time and effort are better used to reach them where they are today.

It’s simplistic to think of social media as free. True, there may be no upfront, out of pocket cost, but the time and resources required to manage a Facebook group or make regular postings to a Twitter account can be substantial. Consider not only what it will take to establish an online social media presence but resource required to maintain an effective presence. Is this something you’re ready to fully commit to? 

Finally, make sure your marketing efforts are integrated across online and offline media. Customers see you and engage with you in multiple ways. Be sure they get a consistent message and see a consistent visual identity no matter where they may encounter your company and brand.  Be sure your online identity meshes with your offline brand.

The bottom line: Just like in real life, too much oversocializing is likely to result in burnout. Use moderation and common sense to connect with your customers and win.

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