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Six Components of a Dynamic Workplace That Every Leader Needs to Know


The Six Components of a Dynamic Workplace That Every Leader Needs to Know

Do you want employees who love to do their best work, and customers who bang down your doors to do business with you? If your answer is yes, it’s time you use your dynamic leadership skills, and use the six “I”s, to create that dynamic workplace where employees love to go and customers love to buy.

The six “I”s are:




4-Individualized convenience Perks



My best clients are constantly improving their leadership skills and growing their businesses. These dynamic leaders are at different “I”levels, but all of them began with, and consistently still use their insight.

# 1- Insight

My colleague, Keith Chapman, retired executive with Diageo, spoke to me about the importance of insight, “an organization built on insights about their employees will be inclusive and productive - insights can only be gained by taking time with one's team members - and also giving them an insight on you!

• Dynamic leaders use insight, to assess the current needs of their employees,

organization and customers. They know they there is always room to improve in order to differentiate their products and services from their competition.

• Dynamic leaders are also not afraid to use their insight for themselves, and assess their own leadership skills. Their employees respect them because they are not afraid to admit mistakes, are willing to apologize when they are wrong, and are open to listen to employee’s ideas and give them the right kind of recognition.

• Leaders of stagnant organizations are not leaders, but are “bosses.”  They are reluctant to take time to use their insight because it may mean they have to take responsibility, be accountable, and be willing to let go of old obsolete ideas.

• Determine your “I”level. Do your employees leave their house ready to do their best work, and do your customers love doing business with you, or have your employees retired in place, and your ex-customers have blogs that say “your organization sucks.”

Why not take the time to stop for a moment and use your insight?  You might be on the road to success beyond your wildest dreams.


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