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The R. PAY COMPANY, LLC launched in 1999 as a management consultancy dedicated to helping companies realize their operations potential through waste reduction and improved use of resources. We consult with the top-level executive team to develop operations strategy, conduct operations evaluations, identify and attain productivity improvements, and staff development through mentoring and training programs. We deliver breakthrough results with a goal of providing a return on our client's consulting investment of from 3 to 30 times our fees.

We take an executive perspective on operations issues looking not just at operations itself, but also at the interfaces and impacts of the entire organization. We identify problems and issues taking a holistic and systemic approach to operations evaluation.

The key elements of our operating strategies include:

  • Partnerships with suppliers and customers
  • A total cost perspective
  • Achievement of quick, breakthrough results
  • Enabling our clients to implement and maintain the solutions we help identify

When we work with companies, they achieve improved productivity, improved gross profit margins, improved inventory turns, and improved customer service often reaching world-class levels of performance.

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Submitted by Rick Pay on July 19, 2012
Category: Operations
Submitted by Rick Pay on July 19, 2012
Category: Operations
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