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Protecting trademarks is like guarding your skin from the hot summer sun

If you spend all day in the sun without proper protection, you risk sunburn, discomfort, or even worse. A few basic preventive measures are fundamental if you wish to greatly reduce these risks.

Protecting a brand name is much the same. To properly and thoroughly protect your brand, you must take steps before launching it. Basic preventive measures greatly reduce the odds of confused customers, unnecessary expenses, litigation, or having to re-brand.

Reduce risk of sun burn and skin damage:

Reduce risk of trademark disputes or other problems:

Wear sunscreen

(higher SPF = more protection)

Choose a good name

(more distinctive = more protection)

Apply sunscreen thoroughly to all exposed areas

Conduct thorough clearance search

For extra protection, stay in the shade under an umbrella

For best protection, register trademark with USPTO

Re-apply sunscreen periodically

Monitor trademark for infringements periodically

Consult a doctor regularly to catch any problems early

Consult an attorney frequently to make sure brand is adequately protected

Just as you should apply sunscreen and take other measures before a hot day at the beach, brand owners should take the fundamental steps to guard their brands from the damage that may result from a lack of care.

Trademarks are among of your business’ most valuable assets,

can you afford a trademark sunburn?

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