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Praveen Puri

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Puri Consulting LLC
2427 Avalon Ct
Aurora, IL 60503
Phone: 630-335-3056
Praveen Puri uses his Strategic SimplicitySM Framework to help clients achieve faster change and innovation, such as more progress in 3 weeks than the previous 6 months on a stalled project.

Praveen has more than 27 years of experience building teams, processes, and strategies for increasing business and customer value. He has worked in product management, systems design, financial trading, and strategy.

He was employee #7 at ELCEDE, Inc., helped develop the Chicago Board of Trade's Project A trading platform, and was part of the "skunk works" team that developed the first online banking systems at Bank of America.

In 1995, Praveen became one of the only consultants at Motorola to ever receive their "General Systems Sector" award. He was rewarded for simplifying their EMX2500 project management system.

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