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Consulting Group Sees Jobs Continuing to Flow Offshore, No Matter Which Party Wins Presidential Election

Monday, March 1, 2004

The Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) predicts that jobs will continue to flow from American soil to overseas sources, irrespective of the outcome of the 2004 election.

Because of new knowledge and technology, many jobs, from elevator operators to trolley car drivers in the old days, and from bank tellers to computer call centers today, have rapidly become obsolete. "Our consulting members tell us," said SAC president Alan Weiss, Ph.D. "that everyone realizes the days of assembly lines, textiles, mines, and rubber are gone. So we are foolish to assume that the current job exodus is going to reverse." The trolley drivers aren't returning, and neither are the call centers.

"We can't blame poor countries for providing inexpensive services," says Weiss. "Since wages are low, they can only raise incomes by selling to wealthier nations. So we will continue to see jobs lost to low-wage countries." Any economic defensiveness-protectionism in any form- blocks such sales and prevents them from gaining ground. Thus, helping poorer countries to improve is not only an ethical imperative, but it's an economic one as well.

"Many jobs, however, can't be exported," adds Weiss. "We see great potential to create jobs that focus on infrastructure, research, and knowledge itself." The winning presidential candidate must be prepared to capitalize on these new job sources and stop trying to recapture the lost ones. They are gone for good.

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