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Consultants Suggest Business New Year's Resolutions (Or Not)

Friday, December 1, 2006

The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC) has surveyed its international members to develop its annual suggestions for New Year's Resolutions for businesses.

Member Gayle Lantz suggests In the New Year, companies will want to sharpen their strategic focus, build leadership bench strength, and increase accountability at all levels. With consulting and coaching support, these companies will be translating lofty resolutions into concrete goals and action plans to achieve best results. Gayle Lantz is president of WorkMatters, an organizational development consulting firm based in Birmingham, Alabama.

"Many of my leadership coaching and succession management clients are in the habit of making New Year's Resolutions for their business with the best of intentions," according to Dr. Maynard Brusman, Consulting Psychologist & Executive Coach and President of Working Resources, a talent management and leadership consulting firm located in San Francisco, CA specializing in working with law firms and attorneys.

"I don't make New Year's recommendations for my own business and don't recommend them for clients. The problem is that people get wide-eyed, overwhelmed with too much on their list, and feel guilty when things fall through the proverbial cracks. I'm going to recommend to my clients that they relax, reflect and renew their energy for a great 2007 business year. Look back to the future and appreciate your successes. What one strength contributed the most to their success and happiness and leverage that capability. Billiards might be the apt metaphor. Hit one ball right and everything else falls into alignment. Focus on this strategy throughout the year and resolve to enjoy your New Years guilt and resolution free."

The New Year's resolution that I'm hearing the most from my clients, reports Erin Ferree, Principal of elf design, inc., in Belmont, CA, is that they want to get their marketing pieces sent out consistently, on time and with less stress in 2007. Whether they're doing a monthly newsletter or a postcard, I'm advising them to plan their pieces well in advance, to work in batches (setting up four newsletters at once, for example), and to take advantages of advance scheduling and printers' mailing services to make things as easy as possible.

Roberta Chinsky Matuson, President of Human Resource Solutions in Northampton, MA says that the new year is a great time for a fresh start. If you've been retaining employees who have not been performing, it's time to take action. Decide whether or not they are worth keeping. If you believe they are worth retaining, work with them to improve in those areas where they are weak. If you've already tried this and nothing has changed, then it's time to cut the cord.

Alan Weiss, Ph.D. and CEO of SAC, summarizes by saying that one resolution kept is worth more than a thousand that are ignored. If you have to do just one thing right, find out what your customers really need and produce it ahead of and beyond their expectations. "Make your resolution who provide not what the customer says is wanted, but what the customer really needs. That is your true value."

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