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What Are the Innovative Business Apps for 2011?

Saturday, January 1, 2011
The Society for the Advancement of Consulting® (SAC®) has asked its global membership to comment on unlikely business apps for 2011. SAC CEO Alan Weiss, PhD states, "This goes beyond a 99-cent download." Here are two spokespeople for the society:

Dr. Maynard Brusman is a consulting psychologist and executive/career coach. He is the president of Working Resources, a boutique talent management consulting and leadership coaching firm in San Francisco, California.

He offers a few insights:

According to Tim Sanders author of Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, "Share your intangibles with your business partners. Intangibles are knowledge, network and compassion. Read as many books as possible and share the information with others. Build your network or community like a flesh-and-blood 'home page' with links to all kinds of value-adding relationships. Show your compassion and reach out to others with warmth and high regard. Meaningful relationships built on trust and respect are critical to business success today."

Notes Dr. Brusman, "Collaborating with others and caring about their success is the best and most sustainable business app. Applied in a business setting it can transform you and your work in a profound way that supersedes the current ego-centric world of business. By becoming an information guru and thought partner, sharing your social network, and being a compassionate partner, you'll differentiate yourself and build an outstanding brand. The fusion of e-mail with social media rolled out in the new messaging system Facebook Messages will facilitate the shift to more social collaboration."

"Many of the initial offerings built on the iPhone/iPad and Droid platforms were consumer-oriented apps, such as productivity tools and games," said Linda Popky, president of Redwood City, CA-based strategic marketing firm Leverage2Market Associates. "However, as these platforms continue to grow in popularity, we expect to see more development in business-to-business apps.

"In the next year, we will start to see continued deployment of applications that make business resources more accessible by customers, employees and suppliers, for such areas as customer service and support, sales force/channel enablement, and better management of supply chain resources. In addition, in 2011, we'll see apps launched that innovatively leverage location-based technologies and mobile payment capabilities," she concluded.

"Apps don't have to be technological," notes Weiss. They're probably going to be combinations of real and virtual interactions with key customers and prospects."

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