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John Weathington

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Excellent Management Systems, Inc.
One Embarcadero Center Suite 500
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: 415-738-2342
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John Weathington is one of those hard to find consultants that consistently delivers exactly what he says he can deliver. Since 1994,John's talents have attracted such companies as Silicon Graphics, Hitachi Data Systems, and Sun Microsystems, and MCI Telecommunications. Today, John brings his entire skill base and experience into the finance industry, helping organizations turn chaotic information into profitable wisdom. From data analysis, to process improvement, to organizational performance tuning, to full data system implementation; John's comprehensive domain of knowledge ensures that executive concerns are put to rest. The value he brings to any organization lies in his synergy of skills; deep technical background, process improvement, project management, and organizational performance.

Everywhere John goes, he leaves a trail of success. Even early in his professional career, he had a huge responsibility as the Chief Software Engineering Consultant at Innovative Data Solutions, Incorporated for its flagship product DataPower. In under one year, John took the idea of having a spreadsheet based SPC ( Statistical Process Control ) tool and turned it into reality, bringing revenue to the startup company in a very short time. From there his pattern of success ensued; from customer software development for executives at Hitachi Data Systems, to the implementation of a compliance data warehouse for Sun Microsystems.

But his deep technical and analytic base in business intelligence and data warehousing is only the beginning. In early 2000, John began honing his leadership and management skills bringing his successful strategies to companies on a much grander scale. At Hitachi Data Systems he coached a team of technical engineers through an agile implementation of a business intelligence web application for Product Management, bringing them tangible results in as early as two weeks after the initiation.

After obtaining certification as a Project Management Professional ( PMP ), he successfully lead different groups at Sun Microsystems through some very critical projects including a SOX Compliance effort ( total SOX audit readiness of 9 applications in 4 months), and the implementation of 2 Terabyte data warehouse for Federal Government GSA ( General Services Administration ) compliance. On the GSA compliance effort he and his team were showing tangible results for the Sun Federal organization in only one month after the project started. The data warehouse implementation was part of a concerted effort that fortified a contract for Sun Microsystems that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

John studied Team Leadership and Six Sigma at both Sun Microsystems and Motorola, earning a Black Belt from the latter. His process improvement skills can methodically resurrect any out of compliance process, with the added benefit of better visibility and control.

To round out John's skill base, he is an exceptional communicator and trainer. He is an active member of the PMI, and has spoken on occasion at their events on Agile Project Management and other topics related to success in project management. He has developed training programs for Silicon Graphics, and has informally trained people at Hitachi Data Systems and Sun Microsystems on various skills regarding data warehousing, business intelligence, and project management. He is regularly called upon by associations and client companies to formally share his ideas on project management techniques and successes.

John has "raving fan" clients, who without hesitation give him glowing recommendations. He is highly regarded in 360 degrees; managers, peers, project team members, IT, business, finance, marketing, operations, family, friends … they all think he’s a righteous dude!

When he gets the chance, John loves to travel with his lovely wife, and his fluffy white Samoyed; especially to Hawaii where his Mom lives.

Box 1009, East Greenwich, RI 02818
Phone: 401-884-2778
Fax: 401-884-5068
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