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This past week I began working with an organization to empower their sales and marketing. We spent time reviewing their existing processes, their customer empowerment strategies and the autonomy of their employees in pursuing and interacting with prospective customers.

I’ve found that the most critical piece that’s often missing is the lack of focus and effort placed on customer capitalization. What’s interesting is that quite often I hear that marketing is the most critical component to new business acquisition, and although true to an extent, customer capitalization is a much more cost effective and less labor intensive means to growth for both existing and new accounts.

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In this week’s video I discuss how to apply customer capitalization in order to dramatically grow any business. Learn my favorite techniques to create rapid growth and stronger customer relationships.

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Question: How are you using customer capitalization as a component in your business growth strategy?

Looking for more ideas on how to empower your customers? Grab a copy of my new book “Operational Empowerment: Collaborate, Innovate and Engage to Beat the Competition” available from Amazon.

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