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It struck me recently that some of the most confident, passionate and successful CEOs and Executives that I know are physically active, despite the many demands and pressures placed on their time. In fact, when I tested this hypothesis I found that there is a strong co-relation between physical and mental health. Specifically, being committed to physical health results in the ability to think clearly, sustain higher levels of energy and generally reduce stress.

Sounds like a magic pill I realize, but it seems to me that the co-relation is something that any serious CEO simply can’t ignore.

In this weeks brief video I explore this idea further, sharing some examples and ideas of how to build a stronger “physical frame of health” that will in turn yield a stronger frame of mind.

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If you enjoy this video, make sure you check out my podcast series “The CEOs Power Play” where every week I discuss other practices based on the actions and habits of the most successful and powerful CEOs.

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